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2019-07-11Weimar Agricultural Machinery 1582

At present, China's agricultural production has changed from mainly relying on human and animal resources to mainly relying on mechanical power, and entered a new stage of mechanization as the leading role. The comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest in China has reached 68%. However, the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China is fast in the north, slow in the South and wanting in the hills and mountains,better in the plain area, accounting for less than 40% of the total land area. Restricted by the special factors such as poor terrain, complex planting system and low investment benefit of agricultural machinery in small fields, hilly and mountainous areas are still the weakest areas in the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China

Weima Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. has been focusing on R & D, production and sales of general machinery and terminal agricultural machinery products, committed to building a "world top brand of mountain agricultural machinery", and adhere to the development path of specialization, branding and differentiation, and continue to enhance the internal core competitiveness through technological upgrading. In addition to the specialized research on products, Weima also puts the user experience first and strives to make users enjoy the first-class after-sales service. The company organizes many after-sales service tour activities every year to enter thousands of households and help users solve problems.


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